Enterprise Installation Agreement Preparation

Monnit Support can accommodate an installation support most days Mon - Fri, 9 AM, 11 AM, or 2:30 PM Mountain time.
Monnit can accommodate most meeting software requests. If you prefer Monnit to host the meeting, we use AnyDesk preferrably. Zoom or Teams can be accommodated. Monnit can also initiate a meeting with our RingCentral platform. Please advise of the desired platform prior to the meeting.

Prior to the installation, the following prerequisites must already be met:

  • SQL 2008 or later must be installed (SQL Express is supported).
  • SQL Server Management Studio must be installed.
  • SQL Server must be running.
  • Administrator Windows user must be logged in to execute the installation.
  • sa user in SQL must be enabled and password known; if sa User cannot be enabled, another user can be enabled with full read/write capabilities to the database.
  • SQL DB path must be known.
  • iMonnit Enterprise has been tested with Windows 10 (all versions) and Windows Server 2012; other versions of Windows will likely be supported but have not been tested.
  • Only US English Windows installation has been tested. Other Windows language installations have not been tested. US English Windows language is recommended.
  • Active Directory must be disabled.
  • The items in the following checklist must be met:
    • * Also confirm the collation for your SQL server/database is configured to SQL_latin_1_general_cp1_ci_as.
    • 2. Confirm Windows Features (labeled Roles/Features in Windows Server) are installed (click here for Windows 10, click here for steps in Windows Server)
      Note: Many of these features are found under (Internet Information Services) > (World Wide Web Services) >(Application Development Features).
      - .NET Framework 3.5 (Includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0)
      - .NET Framework 3.5
      - ASP
      - ASP.NET 3.5
      - ASP.NET 4.8.
      - NET Extensibility 3.5
      - .NET Extensibility 4.8
      - Static Content (under World Wide Web Services > Common HTTP Features > Static Content)
      -.NET 3.5 > HTTP Activation
      -.NET 4.8 > HTTP Activation
    • 3. Confirm Default Website in Windows has been stopped or hosting is configured appropriately. Be sure to reset your cache and cookies after disabling the default site.
    • 4. If operating with the “sa” User in the SQL database, Manage iMonnit Enterprise—Enable the Super Admin (sa) User and reset the password if needed.
    • 5. Confirm that you have reset the cache of your browser in case it is loading a cached site (or try a different browser) - this is a critical step to confirm cached data is not being loaded.

Once the Enterprise Support Agreement was purchased and above prerequisites are met, you can send an email to support@monnit.com to request an installation meeting.

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