Activating Enterprise Using Manual Offline Activation

Offline activation

The iMonnit Enterprise software uses an Internet connection to validate the Enterprise Activation Key. If the server on which you are installing iMonnit Enterprise does not have access to the Internet, there is an offline activation process which will allow you to complete the activation without an Internet connection on the server. If this is the case, you will see the message, “Unable to verify against the online database”. You will need Internet access on another device to generate the Offline Manual Key which will complete the activation. This article will advise on how to do this.

Summary of Steps

  • Attempt to complete the normal activation process
  • Retrieve the Manual Token
  • Generate the Manual Key
  • Enter the Manual Key into the iMonnit Enterprise installer to complete the activation

Attempt to complete the normal activation process

Launch the Enterprise Configuration Utility to install Enterprise. After entering your SQL database credentials, click Enter Key. Enter the Enterprise Activation Key, and click Activate. The installer will attempt to verify the key through the Internet. If there is no Internet connection, you will see the message, “Unable to verify key against online database. Contact support at and be prompted for the Offline Activation.

You may also see this message if you are running a previous version of the Enterprise installer. This is a result of an upgrade of the TLS encryption implemented on our validation servers. The previous installers used TLS 1.1, and current implementation of 1.2 is currently used on Monnit’s validation servers.

Therefore Enterprise must be manually activated if running a version of the installer that sends the key with TLS 1.1 (version and earlier).

Retrieve the Manual Token

The Manual Token will be generated automatically in this step. Copy the text in the Manual Token field.

Generate the Manual Key

Visit the website and enter the Manual Token text into the Product Activation field. Click the OK button. This will generate the Manual Key. Copy this text.

Enter the Manual Key into the iMonnit Enterprise installer to complete activation

Paste the Manual Key text that was copied into the Manual Key field in the Enterprise installer and click the Manual button. This will validate the installation, and you should be able to continue with the installation. Once the Manual Key is accepted, you will see the following message indicating you will need to copy the .ky file:

"you will need to copy the key and put it in the website directory you create after the installation. You will be able to find the key:

C:/inetpub/wwwroot/EnterpriseEnterprise Server[Key name].ky"

This indicates the key has been applied successfully. You will then acknowledge the message (no need to copy the file), and continue with the installation.


You may need to contact Monnit Support if you see errors. If you see the message Activation Failed in the site you may need to contact Monnit Support to reset the key for use. If you see an error, please be sure to include the Activation Key you are attempting to use.


The Offline Activation process is a convenient way to allow for the activation of iMonnit Enterprise software when there is no Internet connection available. If you have issues with this process, feel free to contact Monnit Support.

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