Enable Mixed Mode Authentication on an SQL Server

To run correctly, iMonnit Enterprise requires your SQL Server to operate with Mixed Mode Authentication. You can adjust this in your SQL Server with the following steps.

As SQL Server is software supported by another company (Microsoft), any issues you encounter following these steps should be referred to the party that supports your SQL Server installation.

  • Launch SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio).
  • Log into your server.
  • Right click the SQL Server in the Object Explorer (this is usually the top level item).
  • Select Properties.

    SQL Server Properties
    SQL Server Properties
  • Select Security.
  • In the Server Authentication section, select the SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode radial.
  • Select OK .

    Mixed Mode Authentication
    Mixed Mode Authentication

If your server does not automatically restart, select the SQL Server in the Object Explorer, and select Restart. Upon restarting, your server will support both Windows and SQL Authentication.

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