Enterprise 4 Error Object Reference Not Set to an Instance of an Object

The error, “Object reference not set to an instance of an object.” is a result of a database issue. You will need to resolve the issue with the database in order to address this error.

Possible Causes

  1. Size of SQL database
  2. No connection to the database (permissions, username/password, network issues)

Check size of SQL database

The likely cause is the size of the SQL database. The free version of SQL Express allows for a maximum of a 10 GB database. Once this database limit has been reached, the Enterprise server will no longer be able to write to the database. You will need to either upgrade to the full version of the Microsoft SQL application, or start with a new database. While the data currently on the database may be accessed, the iMonnit Enterprise software will no longer be able to access/write to the database. Therefore you will need to create a new empty database. You may first consider backing up your existing database if you need to access the data at a later time.

Then you can follow the steps to uninstall iMonnit Enterprise. After uninstalling, you can reinstall and start with a fresh database.

Check connection to DB

If you have gone through the steps above, and the issue persists, there is an issue with one of the following:

  • Username/password issue with SQL
  • Network issue between Enterprise and the SQL server
  • Permissions of the user accessing/writing to the database

    It may be useful to test the connection to the database using these steps. If the issue persists, work with the party that supports the SQL database to determine the issue.

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