Entering a Renewal Key for iMonnit Enterprise

If you activated iMonnit Enterprise with a 10 Sensor Trial key or a 50 Sensor (Annual) key, you will need to enter a renewal key into the installer in order to reactivate your software. This article will guide you through doing so.

What Happens When a Key Expires

When the current Enterprise license expires, there are two symptoms:

  1. The Enterprise Wireless Gateway Server service stops accepting incoming communication from gateways. As a result all of the gateways added to your Enterprise Portal will stop communicating with Enterprise.
  2. A banner appears at the top of the web page indicating, “This installation has expired. Contact Support to update subscription.”
Installation Expired
Installation Expired

Note: There is also a separate issue in which legacy versions of Enterprise incorrectly identify the 250 sensor license as an annual license instead of a perpetual license. The above symptoms apply to this scenario. To resolve this, see the article for addressing that specific issue.

Purchasing a Renewal Key

To resolve this, you will need to purchase a valid Enterprise Key, and apply it to your Enterprise installation.

250 Sensor Perpetual License

2000 Sensor Perpetual License

Entering a renewal key

To enter a renewal key, follow the steps below.

  1. Launch the iMonnit Enterprise Configuration Utility.
  2. Click the Update Key button. 

    Launch Enterprise Configuration Utility
    Launch Enterprise Configuration Utility
  3. Enter the Enterprise Activation Key you purchased.
  4. Click Activate. 

  5. Stop and start the Enterprise Wireless Gateway Server service.
  6. Stop and start the Enterprise Portal site in IIS.


After applying a renewal key, you should get your gateways communicating and the banner indicating the installation expired should be cleared.

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