Upgrading to iMonnit Enterprise 4

Considerations when upgrading to Enterprise 4

Supported Versions

Upgrading to Enterprise 4 requires version or later. Versions prior to cannot be successfully updated to iMonnit Enterprise 4.0.

Backup existing site

Prior to performing an upgrade to Enterprise 4, you will want to backup your existing Enterprise installation as indicated in this article.

Remove current Installer

In order for the installer to reference the correct installation scripts, the existing installer must be uninstalled if it is still available on the current system. You should be able to use Add or Remove Programs in Windows to remove the existing Enterprise Setup Utility (or similarly named) installer.

Confirm administrator

Because the Enterprise installer requires Administrator privileges, the user installing must have full administrator privileges to write to the C:inetpub directory. You will also want to be sure to right click, and run the installer and Enterprise Configuration Utility as Administrator.

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