Note: The terms Locations and Account as well as sub-Locations and sub-accounts are interchangeable.

Sub-Locations are Locations that are positioned under a top-level Location allowing for a hierarchy. The hierarchy can allow you to manage access to various devices and features under a Location. While a Premiere subscription is not a requirement to access the Locations feature, the top-level Location requires a Premiere subscription in order to have access to the Premiere features when viewing the sub-Locations. Each sub-Location requires its own Premiere subscription to access the Premiere features. Each Location and sub-Location can have up to five networks. A Premiere subscription is based on the number of sensors per year per Location.

The image below, shows 8 Locations: 7 sub-Locations under the Monnit Demo location. The green status bar will be present on any Location that does not have any devices offline. If there are any devices that are offline, a grey status bar will be present. If there are devices in warning (error or battery issues), the status will be yellow.

Monnit Demo displays the totality of Locations, Alerts, Warnings and offline devices at the top. Each icon displays indicators for sub-Location and the Parent Locations under it hierarchically.

Premiere subscriptions

It is important to understand that the Premiere subscription is separate for each Location and sub-Location. For example, if you have a Premiere 100 subscription on your Parent Location, you are allowed up to 100 sensors for that Parent. However, it cannot be shared with sub-Locations. Therefore you will need to have a separate Premiere subscription for each sensor Network on each individual Location/sub-Location.

If you have 100 sensors total added to four separate Locations (one Parent and three sub-Locations each with 25 sensors), a single Premiere 100 subscription will not be adequate. You would need four separate Premiere 25 subscriptions applied to each Location.

Add a sub-Location

  • Select Locations in the main navigation menu.
  • Select Add Location button to add a Location.

  • Alternatively, click on the three dots of one of the sub-Locations and click Add Location.

  • Choose the Parent Location in the Parent Location field.

Basic - free and does not include the Premiere features.

Trial - a free 45 day trial of Premiere features and changes to Basic after

Create a unique Location name in the Company name field. Choose the Subscription type.

Subscription Code - Enter the code in the field below for an existing Premiere code.

Up to X sensors - a 1 year subscription for that Location or sub-Location

Priced options are available. Choosing a priced option displays a Set Payment button. The subscription length is one year from the date of purchase.

Select the Set Payment button to bring up this window. Fill out the information and select Save.

Select the Time Zone in the Time Zone fields.

Click Next to Finish adding the New Location/sub-Location.

Sub-Location Monnit Core is created under sub-Location Demo 2. The Premiere features displays when not all features available to this sub-Location. The Click Here button moves you to the Credits section to Activate a Code or purchase a Premiere subscription.

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