Understand iMonnit Account Hierarchy

Our iMonnit Software implements an account hierarchy for top-level accounts to create, manage, and access accounts, users, devices, networks, locations, and subaccounts (including nested accounts). Understanding this hierarchy can be crucial in managing a successful implementation. This is especially true when you have locations or subaccounts and nested accounts to manage. The diagram provided in this article provides a visual description of account hierarchy in iMonnit.

iMonnit Account Hierarchy Diagram

Things to note

There are a few details which are not in the above diagram to simplify it:

  • Additional Users, Locations, Sensor Networks, Gateways, and Sensors can be added to all account types, though they are not pictured in the diagram. This includes the Super Admin Top Level account, Reseller accounts, Nested Reseller accounts, and Nested Subaccounts.
  • There are two components related to Reseller accounts:
  1. The Reseller permission flag is under the account’s settings. (When the permission is enabled, there is an additional tab under the subaccount’s User Permissions called Reseller. These permissions can be modified by the subaccount’s Administrator (and any Administrator users in top-level accounts).
  2. There are two user permissions under the Reseller tab which will allow a user to view the Admin section of the account:
  • View Administration
  • View Subaccounts


When operating with users requiring a nested account structure, understanding the account hierarchy is critical for a successful implementation. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact support@monnit.com.

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