Assign a new Parent Location

A top-level Administrator can move Locations around in the hierarchy. Moving Locations does not affect devices, Rules, or Users already created (except Users in the sense that it can affect which sub-Locations they can view). To assign a new Parent Location:
  • Log in as a User that has Administration over both Locations across which the Locations are being moved.
  • Select Locations.
  • Locate the Location you wish to move.
  • Select the ellipses (three dots) on the card of the Location you wish to move.
  • Select "Assign Parent".

  • Search for the District Name you wish to make the new Parent.
  • Select Assign as Parent.

Additional Details

Users and Rules are objects belonging to each Location. Users that are on Locations higher in the hierarchy can be provided permission to view Locations that are under them in the Hierarchy. Users higher in the hierarchy can also be configured to receive alerts from Rules that are on Locations lower in the hierarchy. Therefore Users should be added to the appropriate Location in the hierarchy.

Any User that is created that needs access to sub-Locations should be added to a Location above that sub-Location. This can mean that there may be scenarios where an account with a single User (and no devices) is inserted into the Hierarchy.

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