Removing Networks to Add Devices to Locations

The Locations feature of Monnit allows for Users to partition Devices, Users, and Rules into separate Locations but still allows for a top-level User to access the Locations. With this improved feature set, there are scenarios where Users wish to transition from an existing Account with multiple Newtorks to configuration with multiple Locations. Although there is no manner by which devices/Networks can be moved from Location to another, these steps can help you move devices to a new location efficiently.

There are three steps to get all of the devices moved from a Network to a new Location (actually a Network on a new Location. These steps must be performed by an Administrator on the account:

1. Create a new Location.
  • Delete the existing Network.
  • Enter the new Location.
  • Add the devices to the new Location/Network.
2. Create a CSV file of the devices to be moved

You can create a list of devices on a CSV file which will allow you to add all of the devices to the new Network at the same time. Once this file is created, you can add all devices to the new Location/Network once it is created.

3. Delete the existing Network
  • Select Networks in the main navigation menu.
  • Select the Network card for the Network you wish to delete.
  • Select the orange trash can icon.
  • Confirm you wish to remove the devices.
4. Create or access the new Location
5. Add the devices to the new Location/Network

Once the Network is deleted, you can use the CSV file to add the multiple devices added to the CSV file to the new Network simultaneously.

6. Reform the gateway’s Network
7. Power the devices on (if they are not already on) or wait until they connect automatically
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