Testing the iMonnit Data Webhook

This guide outlines the recommended approach for verifying iMonnit's Webhook functionality. We will utilize the third-party site Webhook.Site to conduct a controlled test, ensuring the Webhooks trigger as intended before integration with your chosen endpoint.

Testing Steps

  • Visit https://webhook.site/ and leave the page open in a browser tab during the entire test.
  • Copy "Your unique URL".

  • Log into iMonnit.
  • Select <>API in the main navigation menu.
  • Select Data Webhook.
  • Select the Create button (if a Webhook has already been configured, the button will say “Configure”).
  • Select HTTP Webhook for the Webhook Type.

Note: For this test we will use HTTP Webhook, but any other type of Webhooks may be used on final integration.

  • Enter the Base URL - This will be "Your unique URL" copied from https://webhook.site/
  • Leave “Send gateway message” as Always (Always is the default configuration).
  • Authentication will be None. No authentication will be necessary in for this test.
  • Select Save.

Note: These setting are a requirement for the test, but your final deployment require different configuraitons.

  • The Payload content will automatically be displayed as new Webhook messages at the endpoint.
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