Rule Webhooks in iMonnit

the Rule Webhook feature is a feature that would allow you to send a JSON payload by Webhook based on a Rule trigger. To configure it, you would set up your Rule Webhook endpoint, and then the Rule System Action to send the Webhook using the steps below.

  • Log into your iMonnit Online account with an Administrator User

    Note: Webhooks require a paid Premeire subscription.

  • Select API > Rule Webhook.

  • Select Create.

  • Select Webhook type (in most cases, this would be a normal HTTP Webhook).
  • Enter the endpoint URL and authentication and/or parameters (if required) for the endpoint connection.

  • Save.

Once the endpoint is configured with the steps above, each Rule has the Rule Webhook option under System Actions in the Rule's Tasks.

  • Configure a Rule.
  • Select Tasks.
  • Select Create System Action.

  • Select Rule Webhook in the dropdown menu.
  • Select Add.
  • Select Done.

Once the Rule's Condition is met, a Webhook will be delivered to the configured Rule Webhook endpoint.

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