Gateway Status Colors

Gateways display vertical bars on the left-hand side of the iMonnit portal in four colors: Green, Yellow, Gray, and Red.

A gateway is green if it has not missed multiple communications and no Rule is triggering. The gateway may remain green if one communication is missed. The timestamp 0 Minutes ago confirms the gateway checked in within the past minute.

A gateway may be yellow if:

·        If it is operating on battery.

·        If it experiencing a hardware issue (short).

A gateway is gray if the gateway calculating the sensor has missed multiple heartbeats even when a Rule is scheduled inactive.

The timestamp 8/21/2023 9:44 AM is the last time the gateway communicated. The battery icon on the right is the battery level from the timestamp, not the present time.

A gateway is red if the most recent reading triggered at least one Rule regardless of online/offline/battery status, even when that Rule is scheduled inactive.

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