Configure a Rule to Trigger on Aware Message

Creating Assigned Sensors Rules

While most customers opt to use the Notify After Aware Period Advanced Rule to notify once a sensor is in its Aware State, this Rule has a particular behavior that may not operate as one might expect.

It requires two consecutive Aware Messages from the sensor to the Trigger. 

This means that even if the configured Notify After Aware Period time has elapsed, the Rule will not trigger unless the sensor has reported at least two consecutive Aware State messages.

To trigger a Rule from a sensor in the Aware State on the first Aware message reported by the sensor, you must use the Advanced Rule Assigned Sensors Meet Aware Threshold, as discussed in this article.

The following article will go over how to create a rule that will trigger according to the aware state and keep triggering as long as the sensor is in an aware state.

This article can help you understand the Differences in Sensor Reading Rules and Advanced Rules.

  • Select Assigned sensors meet aware threshold.

  • Select the sensor that will trigger the rule
  • Be sure to select only one Sensor. While this Rule type can also be used to trigger an alert after multiple sensors report the Aware State, configuring a single trigger sensor will trigger based on only one trigger sensor.

  • Under “Percentage %” type “100”
  • Set “Trigger when defined %” to “Are Aware”


With this configuration, you can receive notifications on the first Aware message of the sensor and continue to be alerted if the sensor continues to report Aware messages.

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