Thermocouple Reporting "Invalid"

When operating a Monnit Thermocouple Sensor, you may encounter a reading of "Invalid." This is generally a result of the detected temperature being outside the sensor's range.

Monnit's Thermocouple sensor supports a temperature range with a third-party K-Type probe of -200°C to 1350°C. If the sensor is calibrated to be outside that range or reports a temperature outside that range, the Invalid reading will be present.

To resolve this:

  • Be sure the probe is not measuring a temperature outside of the -200°C to 1350°C range.
  • Reset the calibration to default.
  • Examine the K-Type connection to be sure it is firmly secured.
  • Examine the sensor for indications of hardware issues.
  • Test with a different K-Type Thermocouple probe.

If the reading persists even when the temperature is within the supported range, the sensor may need to come in for a repair. Please contact for further feedback.

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