Adding Custom Text to a SMS Notification - Removing Default Text

If you need to add custom text to a SMS Notification and completely remove the default text

By default, Monnit includes the triggering sensor ID, Notification subject, and Network ID in the SMS message content of SMS messages. If you need to completely replace the default content and only include custom text in your SMS message, this article will provide details on doing this.

The Default message

The default message will include:

  • Triggering Device Type
  • Triggering Device Name
  • Action Name
  • Action text
  • Network Name

    Example Message
    Example Message

Adding custom text

The default message will always be included, unless the message includes a user-added Merge Fields. The Merge Fields are associated with default objects; therefore if you want to add your own text, you would do the following:

In this example, the text TEST_TEST is desired to be delivered to the user via SMS.

  1. Add a Task to Send E-Mail.

  2. Add a recipient.
  3. In the Subject of the email editor, enter the text you wish to be inlcluded in the custom SMS text.

  4. Save.
  5. Add a Task to Send SMS.

  6. Add a recipient.
  7. Enter the Text Override Value descriptor {Subject} in the Message field of the Action.

  8. Click Save.

When the Rule is triggered, the descriptor {Subject} in the Message field will be replaced with the custom text in the Subject field, and only this text will be included in the SMS message.


This can be useful in scenarios where specific codes are desired to be delivered via SMS such as IP devices that can receive commands via SMS and execute actions in the real world. Feel free to contact with related inquiries.

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