Rules - Adding a User as a Recipient of a Rule in iMonnit

If you have already created a Rule but need to add another user as a recipient to that Rule, follow the steps below.


  1. Log into the iMonnit Online Portal.
  2. Confirm the desired User has been created, and the User’s Notification Details are configured for the desired notification type.
  3. Select Rules in the main navigation menu.
  4. Select the Rule to which you wish to add a recipient.

  1. Select the Tasks tab toward the top-right navigation.
  2. Select the notification type in the “Edit Tasks” pane (I.E. Text).

  1. Select the “+” icon in the “To:” field.

  1. Select the recipient User you wish to add to the notification.
  2. Set the desired Delay Period (or select No Delay).
  3. Select Set.

  1. Select Save.

The Rule will now send to the configured user. Feel free to contact with related inquiries.

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