Using a Monnit Ethernet Gateway with iMonnit Express 4 Software

Configuring an Ethernet Gateway for use with iMonnit Express 4

iMonnit Express 4 is the current version of iMonnit Express software which is a local version of Monnit software as an alternative to iMonnit Online. Express runs as a standalone Monnit server without the need for an Internet connection. This system is designed to provide a simple and effective way for customers to manage a small network of sensors and store the data locally. This version of iMonnit Express supports multiple gateways and sensors, and is capable of sending notifications via email when sensor thresholds have been met or exceeded. (Internet connection is required to send email notifications.)

System Requirements/Specifications

Windows 10 OS (Windows Server and Windows 8 are not supported; Windows 11 has not been tested)

2 GB available RAM

Notifications Supported: Email notifications only (Internet connection required)

Minimum Heartbeat (Sensor Check-in): 1 second

Number of Sensor Networks Supported: 1

Number of Sensors Supported: (Dependent on license)

Number of Gateways Supported: Multiple

Number of Users Supported: Multiple

Sensor Data History: 5,000 data points per sensor


Ethernet gateways can be used to locally monitor wireless sensors on a computer without needing an external Internet connection. In order to use an Ethernet gateway with the PC application, you will need to make sure that both the gateway and PC are connected to the same network, and configure the gateway to send data directly to the computer software instead of using the Internet. To do this, you will need the following:

  • Monnit Ethernet Gateway
  • Monnit sensor
  • iMonnit Express 4 software installed
  • An Ethernet network over which a the gateway can connect to the PC running Express
  • A Gateway Unlock Code

Install iMonnit Express

See the document at the following link for the Quick Start Guide

First, you will need to install the iMonnit Express software. iMonnit Express 4 operates differently than legacy versions of Express in that the users interact with the software through a web browser. Express is a website hosted locally on a PC. The experience is similar to using iMonnit Online hosted locally.

  1. Download the iMonnit Express 4 installer at the following link: (iMonnit™ Express > iMonnit Express™ (Windows Installer).
  2. Launch the iMonnit Express installer and follow the on-screen instructions (if necessary, right click and select Run as Administrator).
  3. Important - Restart your computer.
  4. Launch the iMonnit Express program from your desktop (this will launch a browser and navigate to the localhost site).
  5. Activate the Express software with the code you received when purchasing.
  6. Create a username using your email address and a unique password. Re-enter the combination to log into iMonnit Express Core.
  7. Add your gateway(s) and sensor(s) to iMonnit Express.

Unlock and Point your gateway to iMonnit Express

In order to use a Monnit gateway with a local version of iMonnit software such as iMonnit Express, the gateway must be Unlocked with an Unlock Code. Once the gateway is Unlocked, it can be used to send data to your local iMonnit Express software. For information regarding this process, see the following article: Unlocking and Pointing a gateway to a custom host or IP address (Enterprise/Express/MINE).

Note: If your gateway was not purchased already Unlocked, the gateway will need to connect to the iMonnit Online portal through the Internet in order to be Unlocked.

Connect your gateway to your iMonnit Express software

In order for your gateway to send data to your iMonnit Express software, it will need to communicate with the PC running iMonnit Express over the local network on TCP port 3000. You may need to configure your network firewall or PC to allow for this communication. Once you have done this, you can use the article to configure the gateway to send data to your PC running Express. This can be done using the HTTP Interface (local configuration page) as referenced at the following article: Ethernet Gateway 4 - Accessing local configuration page (HTTP Interface) Locally.

If the gateway is Unlocked (as mentioned above), you will enter the IP address of the PC running iMonnit Express under the Data Interfaces > Default Server Configuration tab, and click Save. The gateway should reboot and start sending data to iMonnit Express.


iMonnit Express is a great option for users that need to host data locally, and need more rapid heartbeats than are supported with iMonnit Online. If you have further inquiries, feel free to contact Monnit Support.

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