Network Requirements for Activation and Adding Devices

When Activating or adding devices to iMonnit Enterprise or iMonnit Express, there is a fair amount of metadata (such as version, type, power, enclosure, etc.) that is required in order for the device to be properly added to your software’s database in order to communicate with your iMonnit software. iMonnit Enterprise and Express offer the ability to download this metadata automatically in order to make adding devices to your Enterprise Server more seamless. While this is not a requirement, adding device automatically can prevent discrepancies from occurring and is simply easier.

In order to add devices to Enterprise or Express automatically, your Enterprise/Express Server must reach out to the iMonnit Online Portal to automatically download the metadata associated with your device. As a result, there are requirements that must be met in order to accommodate this which are shown below.

Requirements for adding devices to your Enterprise Server automatically

  • An Internet connection.
  • DNS resolution and whitelist for the following sites:

  • Connection to the following IP addresses over standard HTTP/HTTPS port 80/443 with support for TLS 1.2:

  • Outbound TCP Port 3000 opened (for connecting gateways to iMonnit).

If the above conditions are met, you will be able to seamlessly add devices automatically to iMonnit Enterprise. If the above conditions are not met, you will be met with an error (site error or 404 error) when attempting to add devices automatically to Enterprise or Express. If you need to add your devices using the offline methods, the following articles will help you accomplish that.

Adding Devices to an Offline iMonnit Enterprise Server Using Device XML Download

iMonnit Express - Adding Sensors Offline - Manual Device Upload

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