How to Use the Power Button on ALTA Industrial Sensors

The new membrane-label easy-click, snap-dome power button on Industrial ALTA Sensors features multiple functions with red and green LED status indicators. The new button is waterproof and is rated UV-stable for indoor and outdoor use. The LED indicator signals:

  1. Power and status—The device’s power state (on/off) and button state (pressed/not pressed).
  2. Communication viability—The LED will double flash to indicate the sensor’s latest data has been sent to and acknowledged by a gateway.

For the time being, the Industrial ALTA Ultrasonic and the Industrial Differential Air Pressure Sensors have the original toggle switch rather than the new power button.

Power On

When the sensor is off, the button can be used to power on the sensor. To turn on the sensor:

  • Press and immediately release the button.
  • The LED will flash green when the button is pressed, then go dark for two seconds.
  • The LED will illuminate green for two seconds, indicating the sensor is active.

    Sensor - Button Power On
    Sensor - Button Power On
  • The LED will go dark for at least two more seconds.
  • The LED will flash green twice when the sensor connects with the gateway.
  • The LED will remain dark if the sensor fails to connect to a gateway.

Once the sensor powers on and connects to a gateway, the LED will remain dark even if the sensor is successfully transmitting to a gateway. If you intend on testing the connection to a gateway, use the Talk Now feature mentioned in the next section.

Talk Now

If the sensor is on and the button is pressed, it will generate a current reading and attempt to transmit it to the gateway. This can be useful if you need to see current readings immediately or are waiting for a sensor to accept pending configurations.

Note: the Advanced Vibration 2 sensor is unique in its operations in that you will not observe the data report and following two blinks indicating a transmission was received. The Talk Now feature is not observed on this sensor type.

  • Press and immediately release the power button.
  • The LED will flash green when the button is pressed, then go dark for at least two seconds.
  • The sensor will attempt to transmit to a gateway.
  • If the transmission is successful, the LED will flash green twice.
  • If the transmission is unsuccessful, the LED will not blink again and will log the data until it can transmit to the gateway.

    Sensor - Button Talk Now
    Sensor - Button Talk Now

Power Off

When the sensor is on, the button can be used to power the sensor off.

  • Press and hold the button for at least three seconds.
  • While you are holding the button, the LED will illuminate green. After three seconds, the LED will turn red, and the sensor will power off.

    Sensor - Button Power Off

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