Designating Sensors to Gateways Using Separate Sensor Networks in iMonnit

The manner by which sensors are authorized to communicate to gateways is through Sensor Networks. This means sensors that are added to the same network in iMonnit Online will be authorized to communicate with the gateways on that network. If you wish to designate which gateways sensors are authorized to communicate with, you will need to assign them to separate Sensor Networks in iMonnit Online. If a sensor is added to the same network that contains multiple gateways, all gateways on that network will authorize the sensor to communicate with them, and the sensor will automatically choose the gateway with which it will communicate. Therefore if a sensor is on the same Sensor Network as multiple gateways, there is no manner by which you can designate the gateway to which a sensor will communicate. This is why you may consider creating separate sensor networks to control with which gateway a sensor communicates.

This article will advise of configuring your devices by Sensor Network.

For information on creating Sensor Networks, see Creating a Network in iMonnit Online.

For information on Sensor Network settings, see Network Configuration in iMonnit Online.

Note: There is a 5 Network limit per Account or Location.


If you have already added all of your devices to the same network, you can move devices to a separate network as per steps in this article.

  • Create a Sensor Network in your iMonnit Online account.
  • Add the gateway and sensors to that network.
  • Create a separate network in your iMonnit Online account.
  • Add the gateway and sensors to that network (or move the devices to the desired network).
  • Reform both of the gateway’s networks. See the articles linked her for information on Reforming Gateways and Sensor Lists.
  • Press and immediately release the Utility/Reset button on the gateway (or you can wait until the gateway checks in subsequent to reforming the network).
  • Power on your sensors or wait for them to check in with the gateways subsequently.

A common question - can’t I simply assign certain sensors to certain gateways?

When operating gateways and sensors with iMonnit Online, iMonnit Enterprise, or Express, there is no manner by which to specifically assign sensors to a particular gateway aside from separating the devices through different Sensor Networks. This is why separating the devices to separate networks is the manner by which to resolve this issue.

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