Applying Sensor Settings to Multiple Sensors in iMonnit

Monnit's "Apply to Multiple" feature is a time-saver that allows you to efficiently copy the settings of one sensor and apply them to multiple sensors of the same type. This can be particularly useful when setting up a group of sensors that monitor similar conditions.


1. Choose a Sensor to Copy Settings From:

  • Identify the sensor whose settings you want to copy. This sensor should be properly configured with the desired settings.

2. Access the Sensor's Settings Page:

  • Navigate to the Sensors page and locate the sensor you want to copy settings from.
  • Select the sensor to open its individual details page.
  • Within the sensor's details page, find "Settings". This section might be displayed as a dedicated tab up at the top.

3. Access the Apply to Multiple Menu:

  • Click on the three dots menu (...) in the top right corner of the "Settings" section. This menu provides additional options for the sensor's settings.

4. Select Apply to Multiple:

  • From the list of options displayed in the three dots menu, find "Apply to Multiple."
  • Selecting "Apply to Multiple" will open a new section where you can choose the target sensors for the settings copy.

5. Choose Sensors to Apply Settings To:

  • In the new section, you'll see a list of available sensors.
  • This list should only include sensors of the same type as the sensor you copied settings from.
  • Review the list and select the sensors to which you want to apply the copied settings. Make sure each sensor you want to update has a green checkmark next to it.

6. Save the Changes:

  • Once you've selected all the target sensors, locate a "Save" or "Apply" button within the "Apply to Multiple" window.
  • Clicking this button will confirm the application of settings to the chosen sensors.

NOTE: The list displayed after selecting "Apply To Multiple" will only include sensors of the same type as the sensor you copied settings from.

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