Monnit Part Numbers and SKUs

Monnit corporation utilizes standard part numbers associated with SKU numbers to identify various aspects of a product. The sections of this part number identify things such as the type of product, the radio technology, the radio frequency, and additional options. In some scenarios, you may be able to identify the characteristics of the product by using only the part number.

For the purposes of this article, we will use the part number MNS2-9-W2-HU-RH-L03-NC (Wireless Humidity Sensor - AA Battery Powered) to demonstrate interpretation of the part number.

The individual sections of the part number can be broken down as follows:


Company - MN (Monnit)

Product Family - S (Sensor)

You may observer G (Gateway) or O (Other) to identify other types products.

Generation - 2 (ALTA 2nd generation radio technology)

A Gen1 devices may not have a number listed herr; or an XL device may display a 3.

Frequency - 9 (900 MHz)

Other frequencies may show 4 (433 MHz) or 8 (868 MHz) to distinguish the radio frequency of the device.

Enclosure/option 1 - W2 (Enterprise/AA)

You may see IN (Industrial), W1 (WIT1/Commercial/Coincell), WF (MoWi/Wi-Fi), or P (PoE-X).

Note: The terms WIT1 and WIT2 were used early in the development of Monnit sensors to represent Coincell and AA form factors. WIT originally stood for Wireless IoT.

Sensor Type/option 2 - HU (Humidity Sensor)

Other common options are: TS (Temperature Sensor), VM (Voltage Meter), CM (Current Meter), AC (Accelerometer), DC (Dry Contact), OC (Open/Closed), PC (Pulse Counter), TC (Thermocouple), and many others.

Type specific/option 3 - RH (Relative Humidity)

Other type specific designations are: LT (Low Temperature), HT (High Temperature), ST (Standard Temperature), and others.

Enclosure/option 3 - L03 (3 foot lead)

Other options you might observer in this position: L10 (10 foot lead),

Enclosure/option 4 - NC (NIST certified)



MN stands for Monnit.

Product Family

S - Sensor.

G - Gateway.

2 - 2nd gen device.

3 - 3rd gen device S2 is a 2nd gen sensor and S3 is a 3rd gen sensor. G2 is a 2nd gen gateway and G3 is a 3rd gen gateway.

Note: If there is no number after the device in the product family, it is a Gen 1 device.


9 - 900 MHz

8 - 868 MHz

4 - 433 MHz

P - PoE (Power over Ethernet); Line power optional

Enclosure/Option 1

W1 - WIT1 Commercial; Coin Cell battery

W2 - WIT2 Enterprise; AA batteries

IN - Industrial; 3.6 V battery, water/dust resistant

WF - MoWi Wi-fi

Sensor Type/Option 2

TS - Temperature Sensor

HU - Humidity Sensor

OC - Open/closed Sensor

MS - Motion Sensor

CM - Current Meter

LS - Light Sensor

3P - Three Phase Current Meter Sensor

MA - Milliamp Interface Current Meter Sensor

TC - Thermocouple Sensor

AC - Accelerometer Sensor (Tilt, Impact Detection, Activity Monitor, G-Force, Vibration Meter, Advanced Vibration Meter)

VD - Voltage Detection Sensor

VM - Voltage Meter Sensor

WS- Water Sensor

PC - Pulse Counter Sensor

PS - Pressure Sensor

GS - Gas Sensor

RS - Resistance Meter Sensor

US - Ultrasonic Ranging Sensor

AQ - Air Quality Sensor

FB - Food Probe Sensor

VS - Vehicle Detect / Counter Sensor

EGW - Ethernet gateway

SMG - Serial Modbus Gateway

WSA - Wireless Sensor Adapter

DC - Dry Contact Sensor

Type Specific/Option 3

ST - Standard Temperature

HT - High Temperature

LT - Low Temperature

DT - Duct Temperature

RH - Relative Humidity

020 - 20 Amp (Current Meter)

150 - 150 Amp (Current Meter)

500 - 500 Amp (Current Meter)

200 - 200 VDC (Voltage Detection/Meter)

500 - 500 VDC (Voltage Detection/Meter)

LM - Light Meter

PAR - Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR Sensor)

005 - 0-5 Volt DC (Voltage Meter)

010 - 0-10 Volt DC (Voltage meter)

HW - Fixed (Hard-Wired) Probe (Thermocouple Sensor)

KP - K-type Connector (Thermocouple Sensor)

GS - G-force Snapshot (Accelerometer Sensor)

ADV - Advanced Vibration

VM - Vibration Meter

GM - G-Force Max/Avg

WR - Water Rope (Water Detection Sensor)

WP - Water Detect Plus

PS - Presence

WD - Water Detection

050 - 50 PSIG (Pressure Meter)

300 - 300 PSIG (Pressure Meter)

750 - 750 PSIG (Pressure Meter)

3000 - 3000 PSIG (Pressure Meter)

C1 - Carbon Monoxide (CO Sensor)

C2 - Carbon Dioxide (CO2 Sensor)

H2S - Hydrogen Sulfide

AV - Air Velocity

USB - Universal Serial Bus

PB - Press Button Sensor

IRH - Infrared Humidity (Motion + Humidity + Temp Sensor)

TT - Tilt Trigger

P25A - PM 2.5 Air Quality Sensor

LPO - Line Powered Option

WM - Soil Moisture Sensor

Enclosure/Option 3/Option 4

L01 - 1 Foot Probe Lead

L03 - 3 Foot Probe Lead

L05 - 5 Foot Probe Lead

L08 - 8 Foot Probe Lead

L10 - 10 Foot Probe Lead

WE - White (color)

IR - Infrared

WA - Wide Angle

NC - NIST Certified

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