CFR21-11b Reporting

The CFR21-11b reporting feature available in Monnit provides an interface by which logging reports are generated within the imonnit software under the Reports tab. The feature is added to an account by a one time fee (per Location) which can be requested by reaching out to our sales team (or

Generating the Reports

To generate a CFR report:

  • Select Reports in the main navigation menu.
  • Select +Add Report.

  • Select the CFR category.

  • Select a report template:

Each Report template has an Edit Report section to name the report in the Report Name field and a Report Schedule field to select the number of occurrences for each schedule reported in the drop down menu.

Checking the box attaches a link in the email available for view for 30 days. An unchecked box sends a link available to download from

Report Parameters

Parameters to report are listed in the drop down menu. For Report targets that have identifiers (such as sensor IDs) can be entered. The desired start date and end date bring up a calendar icon. Select the month, day and year. You can find the available Report Parameters for each CFR Report type listed below.

Audit Log Report

CFR Sensor - Alert Report

CFR Sensor - Sensor Edits

CFR Account - Sensor Edits

CFR Account - Sensor Edits does not have a section to report specific parameters.

CFR Account - Weekly Sensor Alerts

CFR Account - Weekly Sensor Alerts include a timely Report Schedule, the day of the week to send the report, and the time of day to run the report.

CFR21 Sensor Settings Export (Beta)

CFR21 Notification Settings Export (beta)

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