Test the SNMP Interface of an Ethernet Gateway 4

The Monnit Ethernet Gateway 4 offers an SNMP Interface over which sensor data can be accessed. We use SNMP version 1. Monnit provides an MIB file for the Ethernet Gateway and PoE Sensors. The Ethernet Gateway also supports the SNMP Walk Command which is demonstrated in this article. The steps below will guide you through activating and testing the SNMP Interface of your Ethernet Gateway 4.

Activate the Interface

There are two ways you can activate the SNMP Interface:

Using iMonnit Online

  • Log into your iMonnit.com account.
  • Select Gateways in the main navigation menu.
  • Select the card of the gateway for which you wish to enable the SNMP Interface.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select the Interfaces tab.
  • Toggle the switch for Activate SNMP Interface.
  • Save.

Using the gateway's Local HTTP Interface

Testing the Interface

  • Download the MIB Browser from iReasoning.com.
  • Install and launch the MIB Browser.
  • Close any existing connections with the gateway's SNMP Interface.
  • Launch the MIB Browser.
  • Enter the IP address of the gateway.

  • Select Operations in the menu bar.
  • Select Walk.

    The various OIDs will be displayed in the main portion of the window.

An SNMP Walk command will be performed on the gateway if the network allows the connection. If you receive an error, confirm the SNMP Interface is active, the gateway displays all three green LEDs, and review network configurations preventing the connection.

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