Updating Express V4 to the Current Version

The current version of the iMonnit Express software be downloaded from the iMonnit site, and run to upgrade your current version. The steps in this article provide the steps to accomplish this task.

1. Backup your existing database.
  • If you wish to backup your existing database, create a backup copy in a separate location of the existing ExpressCore.db file located in the following directory.


2. Delete the old Service
  • Open the Services.msc program in Windows.

  • Stop the “iMonnit Express” service

    iMonnit Express Service

  • Open Command Prompt as Administrator (search “cmd” in Windows Search, right click and select “Run as administrator”, and execute the following command:

    sc delete “iMonnit Express”

  • Restart the PC.
3. Uninstall the old iMonnit Express Application
  • Open “Add or remove programs”

  • Uninstall “iMonnit Express”

  • Confirm the “iMonnit Express” Folder has been properly removed from the following directory. If it has not, delete it.

    C:\Program Files (x86)\

4. Download the new iMonnit Express Setup installer

The current version installer can be located at the following link:


Download iMonnit Express

5. Run the new iMonnit Express Setup installer

Follow the on-screen prompts until the installer finishes.

6. Restart Computer

Upon the restart the services will automatically boot up and upgrade the database to the new versions.

7. Log into your iMonnit Express portal
  • Open a browser and access the iMonnit Express portal.
  • Log into the portal with your existing Username and Password.

Upgrade Complete

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