Network Configuration in iMonnit

Networks in iMonnit

Sensor Network Overview

A Network in the iMonnit Online groups together sensors and gateways as to authorize communication between the devices. The Network is the manner by which you determine which devices will be allowed to communicate together. After a gateway and sensor are added to the same Network, the gateway will download the sensor ID and will subsequently authorize the sensor to communicate with that gateway. This article will advise of the process to create a Network in the iMonnit Online platform.

A Network also serves as an organizational component for your devices. iMonnit Premiere members can have multiple Networks each with their own gateway and unique list of sensors. A device can be added to a single network at a time. If you have multiple Networks, you can switch between them to view the devices that have been added.

Configuration Settings for Networks in iMonnit

The following configurations for networks in iMonnit Online are available.

Name: This is the identifier the new network will be known by.

Rules Enabled: !!Important!! Checking this box sets notifications to be sent from the network.

Holding Enabled: Checking this box sets this as a holding network. Sensor limits are not enforced and a gateway will not download the sensor to the network sensor list.

Install Tech Access Cut off Date: Presents the option to make changes to a device on the network during an install period. The date is set one day in the past by default.

Device Xml Download: Download an XML file to a computer or mobile device which contains a list of the devices on the network. This XML file can be used to upload a list of devices into the iMonnit Enterprise software.

Add Device to Network: Add devices to this new network. Remember that gateways should be added to the network before sensors.

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