How to Print a Page in iMonnit

Printing a page in iMonnit

Depending on your browser, you may find that printing the iMonnit Online page results in an unformatted result. This is a result of the browser and how it interprets the page for printing. There is a manner by which you can configure some browsers to print the page view rather than the interpreted view. This is useful for printing charts from iMonnit Online. This article will provide information on doing so using the current Chrome and Edge (version 80 and later based on Chromium) browsers, though most browsers offer similar functions.

Summary of Steps

  • Launch the page you wish to print
  • Select the “hamburger” menu to access the main browser menu
  • More Tools
  • Developer Tools (you can also jump to this step be using Ctrl + Shift + I)
  • Select the “hamburger” menu to access an additional menu
  • Select More Tools
  • Select Rendering
  • Select the drop down for “Emulate CSS media type”
  • Select “screen”
  • Print the page


After adjusting the manner by which your browser renders the page, you should be able to print the page as it is viewed.

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