Enabling and Disabling Alerts for an Entire Sensor Network

This article will help you understand how to enable or disable email and text alerts for all wireless sensors on your network.

iMonnit® has a global feature that allows you to start or stop email and text message notifications from being sent from the iMonnit system. Follow the steps listed bellow in order to configure this feature.

  • Open a browser - Chrome or Edge recommended - and login to your iMonnit account at www.imonnit.com.
  • Select “Networks” in the main navigation bar located on the left side of the screen

  • Select the Network for which you want to enable or disable the notifications.
  • Select the check box labeled “Notifications Enabled”.

    If you want to notifications ENABLED make sure the check box is SELECTED, if you want notifications DISABLED make sure the check box is DESELECTED.


This feature is very useful in case you don’t want notifications from a specific set of sensors on a network, or want to make sure users do receive notifications from sensors in a Network . If you have related questions, feel free to contact support@monnit.com.

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