Edit Permissions in iMonnit

Changes to access permissions are very important as you add and remove users in your iMonnit accounts. The users with administration access will be the only users in the account who can make most of these changes. The article below outlines how to log in and accomplish this task.

Steps for Editing User Permissions

  • Log into iMonnit.
  • Click Users in the bottom left-hand sidebar.
  • Select the User to edit.
  • Click the Lock icon.
  • Select the Permission category you wish to change.
  • Elect the desired permissions for the User.
  • Click Save.

Permissions That Can be Modified

The following permissions are available for modification. Only a user with the Administration privilege can change other user permissions.

Administration—The permissions which affect the day-to-day administration of the account.

Acknowledge Notifications—Disarm/Acknowledge Rules.

Add Network—Create Networks on the account.

Add User—Add additional Users if the account has an active Premiere subscription.

Calibrate Sensor—View and interact with the Calibration tab of supported sensors.

Can Access Billing pages—Access the billing information on the account.

Can Create Calibration Certificate—Add a Calibration Certificate (disabled by default).

Delete Users—Delete other Users from the User List on the account.

Disable Notifications from Network—Turn off Rules on the account.

Edit Account—Edit the account information on the Settings tab.

Edit Gateway Configuration—Access the Settings/Edit tab of gateways.

Edit Network—Add/remove devices from Networks on the account.

Edit Notifications—Modify Rules/Notification settings.

Edit Other Users—Edit other User configurations.

Edit Self—View the User List and edit configurations on the User account.

Edit Sensor—View and modify basic sensor configurations under the Settings/Edit tab.

Edit Sensor (Advanced)—View and modify advanced sensor configurations under the Settings/Edit tab.

Edit Sensor (Mulitple)—Apply configurations to multiple sensors simultaneously.

Edit Sensor Group—Modify sensor group configuration.

Edit Usernames—Change Usernames

Export Data—Access the Download/Export feature of sensor/gateway history.

Modify Visual Map—Make changes to the Sensor Maps.

Password Unlock—Unlock Users that are locked out of their account.

Pause Notifications—Pause Rules.

Reset Other User Password—Reset the password for other users on the account.

Navigation—The Permissions that affect what areas of an account the User can access.

View API—Enables the API/WebHook option on the Account Settings page.

View Charts—Allows the Charts option in the Navigation Menu.

View Maps—Enables the sensor Maps option in the Navigation Menu.

View My Account—Allows access to the Settings option in the Navigation Menu.

View Notifications—Allows access to the Rules option in the Navigation Menu.

View Reports—Allows access to the Reports option in the Navigation Menu.

View Sensor History—Allows access to the Readings tab of the Sensor Overview.

Networks—a User can view.

A list of Networks will appear in this section. Networks that show a checkbox next to the name will be viewable by the User.

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