Factory Reset of a 2G or 3G Gateway

In some scenarios, resetting your Monnit Cellular 2G or 3G Gateway may be necessary. This full reset will clear out all configurations, including APN provisioning. This may be necessary in cases where troubleshooting a gateway that cannot connect to your cellular carrier’s network (among other issues).


Start with the gateway powered down (unplugged/switched off).

  1. Press and hold the Reset button while the gateway is powered off (keep holding).
  2. Power on the gateway (still holding Reset).
  3. Allow the LED sequence to display:
    • Three AMBER LEDs > three GREEN LEDs > then stay illuminated with three RED LEDs
  4. Release the Reset button.
  5. When the button is released, the three LEDs flash GREEN to acknowledge the release and then return to three solid RED LEDs.
  6. Press and hold the Reset button until all LEDs go from solid RED to solid GREEN and finally to flashing GREEN.
  7. Release the Reset button.
  8. Wait for the unit to reboot.

Gateway Configuration

You may subsequently need to provision the gateway with the correct APN configuration.

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