iMonnit Express - Downloading Sensor Data to CSV

iMonnit Express offers the ability to export your sensor readings to a CSV file. This allows you to view the sensor data in programs such as Microsoft Excel.

  • iMonnit Express Version or later (this feature is not functional in earlier versions of Express)
  • Current sensor data within the past 100 days

    Note: iMonnit Express stores sensor data up to 100 days including up to 5,000 records. Data for each sensor is permanently purged from the database after 100 days, and the oldest readings are purged once a threshold of 5,000 records is reached.

Summary of steps

  • Log into your iMonnit Express portal.
  • Select Sensors in the main navigation menu.
  • Select the sensor.
  • Select the “Cloud Download” icon.
  • You will be prompted to save a CSV file that will can the past 100 days’ worth of data up to 5,000 records for that sensor.

    Express - Export Data
    Express - Export Data
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