What Does the iMonnit Device Info do?

The iMonnit.com/DeviceInfo page is a tool for providing useful metadata on Monnit Sensors and Gateways. The exact information that it provides can vary between devices, but generally, the following data points are provided:

  • Device Type
  • Device Profile
  • Device Name
  • Device ID
  • Firmware
    • Gateways will have APN (Radio) Firmware and Gateway Firmware.
  • Power Source
  • Radio Band (ALTA 900, ALTA 868, ALTA 433, 900, 868, 433 MHz)
  • MAC Address (if applicable)

Anyone who provides the Device ID and the Security Code (SC) can retrieve this information. It is advisable to consider this when naming your sensors and not include proprietary or private information.

Access the iMonnit.com/DeviceInfo page

  • Go to iMonnit.com/DeviceInfo
  • For either a sensor or gateway, enter the device ID and SC).
    • Sensor: Locate these points on the side of the sensor label with a QR code.
    • Gateway: Find the points on the bottom label of the device near the QR code.
  • Once entered, the metadata will populate on the page's right-hand portion.
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