How to Purchase or Renew an iMonnit Premiere Subscription

This applies to Monnit’s leading cloud-based sensor management software—iMonnit Premiere. Licenses for other software such as iMonnit Enterprise and Express or MINE are managed separately.

In addition to the free iMonnit Basic subscription, Monnit offers a paid yearly subscription for iMonnit Premiere, which starts at $45/year. Some key features of iMonnit Premiere are:

  • 10-minute minimum Heartbeats as opposed to 120 minimum Heartbeats with free iMonnit Basic
  • Multiple users instead of a single user
  • Advanced sensor configuration and management, such as the ability to configure a sensor’s Aware State
  • Access to one year of Sensor History versus 90 days

If your iMonnit Premiere subscription expired, you might have noticed a change to key features, including:

  • All users except the Primary Contact aren’t available.
  • Sensor Heartbeats change to 120 minutes (back to iMonnit Basic) unexpectedly.
  • Or access to advanced sensor settings is no longer visible.

Features can be lost when the 45-day free trial or your previously paid subscription ends. If this occurs, you must renew the subscription by purchasing a new annual license. You can do this by following the steps below.

How to Purchase or Renew an iMonnit Premiere Subscription

iMonnit Premiere subscriptions are annual licenses distinguished by the sensor limit. Each license has a limit to the number of sensors on the account. 

For example, if you have six sensors, you want an iMonnit Premiere 6 license. If you have 150 sensors, you want an iMonnit Premiere 200 license. iMonnit is aware of the number of sensors on your account. When purchasing a license, it defaults to the subscription level to cover your account.

If you plan to add additional sensors in the future, buy a license that will cover the number of sensors on your network.

Buy iMonnit Premiere in your account (requires a payment method stored on the account):
  • Log into your account.
  • If you are an Administrator, click the Credits option in the left sidebar.
  • Then click Premiere Subscription.

  • Verify you are purchasing the correct license for your number of sensors. Then click Checkout.

If you don’t have a payment profile linked to your iMonnit account, you will be asked to link one at this time. Follow this article for info on How to Create a Payment Profile.

  • Verify this is the correct credit card you want for the purchase, then click Use this Card.

  • You have successfully renewed your iMonnit Premiere subscription.
If you received an iMonnit Premiere code via email from your Monnit sales rep:
  • Log into your account with an Administrator login.
  • Click Settings in the lower left-hand sidebar.
  • In the Premiere section, enter the Premiere Subscription Key in the Subscription Key field.
  • Click the Submit button.

Your iMonnit Premiere subscription will now be active on your account.

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