How to Create an iMonnit Online Account

Account Overview

iMonnit is a cloud-based, mobile Internet platform for managing your products. Registering your account is essential because this is the first step in getting your sensors up and running. 

For your convenience, you can use any desktop browser or our App to register and maintain your account. 

Creating an account

Creating your iMonnit account is crucial unless you use one of our on-premises software solutions or a third-party solution for your monitoring needs.

Summary of Steps

  1. Create New Account
  2. Enter the required account information
  3. Create Network
  4. Add Devices
  5. Deploy and enjoy your iMonnit account.

Create a New Account

Find iMonnit by going to or selecting the iMonnit App on your smartphone. The landing page will appear. 

Select the Create Account option.

Enter the Required Account Information

The information in this section is required to create the account. This first screen prompts you to enter your Primary Contact information. The Primary Contact should be the person doing most of the configurations and administering of the account. 

At the bottom of this form, there is a field for the Premier subscription code. Enter the code you received on the receipt emailed to you after you purchased Premiere. If you have not yet purchased iMonnit Premiere and leave this field blank, the system defaults to a free 45-day trial of iMonnit Premiere.

You will be required to acknowledge you have read and understand the Terms and Conditions before being able to proceed.

Create a Sensor Network

Your account will need one main sensor network, though you may choose to have more than one. The network name, by default, is your first and last name, as provided in the initial setup. This network name can be changed later if needed.

Add Gateways

  • Find the gateway ID on the back of the gateway
  • Enter the Gateway ID in the field provided
  • Enter the Gateway Security Code. (This code is case-sensitive; it will always be in capital letters.)
  • Click “Add Device”
  • Repeat the process with any additional gateways

If using the mobile App, you may scan the QR codes on the gateways and Sensors with your smartphone if enabled with a QR scanner. This scan will add the devices directly to the account without manually typing in the IDs and Codes.

Add Sensors

  • Enter the sensor ID
  • Enter the Sensor Security Code.
  • Click "Add Device"
  • Repeat this process with all sensors
  • Click "Finished Adding"

The iMonnit homepage will load with the number of sensors and gateways under the status boxes.


After following the steps above, the account is set up and ready to deploy. If you have trouble setting up your account, contact Monnit Support.

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