Changes to iMonnit Charts

Monnit has discontinued the Classic View version of our In addition, using Charts is among the many changes made in June 2023 to the cloud monitoring portal.

This change means some features that were present on the previous Charts feature are no longer available, including:

  • A print icon to save/print a chart directly from iMonnit.
  • Chart sensor data from multiple similar sensor types on one chart.

There are a couple of reasons these features are not in the new iMonnit:

  1. To better support the variety of desktop and mobile devices our customers use to access iMonnit.
  2. To replace some of the older data and programming libraries that are no longer maintained. The software library used to copy the charts into a standalone window for printing fell into this category.

While unmaintained libraries don't always open devices to security issues (because no party is validating/updating to the latest standards), they often can.

Also, they typically do not support multiple platforms well (Windows AND Mac, AND mobile).

Print Options

Without an updated third-party library to support the print feature, we opted to allow users to capture the charts using one of many available tools built into their operating system or through optional browser plugins.

For example, the Windows operating system includes the Snip & Sketch tool that allows you to capture a portion of the page and save it as an image. This type of tool is maintained with security patches automatically.

Some excellent third-party browser plugins can simplify this process and provide multiple export options (image, pdf, etc.) and the ability to print directly, similar to the method you used before.

Max/Min/Avg. Display

The iMonnit Charts feature displays the maximum, minimum, and average values recorded by the sensor for the date range selected if the range is seven days or more. This feature helps keep the database's impact low, improving site performance overall.

7-Day Maximum Date Range for Multi-Charts

The maximum date range for displayed data is seven days when using the Multi-Charts feature (Charts in the main navigation menu); this also keeps the impact on the database low and improves overall site performance for all users.


While the feature set in the iMonnit Classic View was used by our customers frequently, the new feature set in the redesigned portal will ultimately prove more secure and beneficial.

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