Linked Users - Canceling a Pending or Active Link

Linking Users to different iMonnit accounts can be a helpful feature when the objective is to allow a User from one account to access a completely separate account without having to create a second user. 

While this feature is useful, there may be times when you wish to cancel that Link before completion or during the pending stage. 

A typical scenario when you might want to cancel a Link is when you have inadvertently attempted to Link a User to the account to which it is already added. Many users may inadvertently link a User to it's own account. This article will address this issue.


  • Log into your iMonnit Online account.
  • Select the "silhouette" icon at the page's top right portion (or the mobile app's main menu).
  • Select the Linked Accounts (or in the mobile app, the Accounts option with the "link icon").
  • Select the red "X" icon to decline the pending Link (or the "Remove" option if the Link was completed already).

Once the applicable Icon is clicked, the account Link will be removed.

A user that has a pending Link cannot be deleted. Therefore, if you attempt to delete a User with a pending Link, the Link must first be removed.

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