Rules Snooze: Jointly vs. Independently

This Rules feature gives you more granular control over alert snooze time and activation. Setting it to “Independently” will allow multiple sensors to alert one after another.

While “Jointly” will cause the snooze to take effect after the first sensor triggers the notification.

Toggling Snooze Independently or Jointly

  1. Select the notification you want to configure.
  • Log in to your iMonnit account -
  • Select “Rules” on the navigation menu on the left side of the screen.
  • Select the Rule you want to edit.

  1. Set the “Snooze each trigger” to the desired configuration.
  • Go to the “Edit” tab.
  • On the bottom left side of the screen, locate the “Snooze each trigger” section.
  • Toggle to the desired configuration.
  • Select “Save.”

You can configure the “Snooze each trigger” function while creating the Rule or after the Rule has been created.


Understanding how to configure the Snooze feature is useful when you want to use one Rule for multiple sensors and still be alerted whenever a sensor has readings beyond the configured threshold. 

Another way to use this configuration is to snooze a Rule triggered by multiple sensors when just one sensor triggers it. If you have related questions, feel free to contact

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