Rules - Adjusting the Trigger Condition Threshold

Rules are tied to triggering thresholds. When breached, those thresholds trigger the configured Rule to engage a Task.

When looking for the location of the triggering Condition configuration in the iMonnit Portal, remember the location will depend on the type of Rule.

The triggering Condition configuration can be located in a few places: 

Editing a Sensor Reading notification trigger

Follow the steps below to edit the triggering Condition of a Sensor Reading Rule.

The action is performed on the Rule > Condition configuration itself.

Because most Rules are configured to have Sensor Reading trigger Conditions, this is the most common place to edit a trigger.

  • Sign into the iMonnit Online Sensor Portal.
  • Select Rules in the main navigation menu.
  • Select the Rule you wish to edit.
  • Select the Conditions tab (“path” icon).
  • Edit the Rule’s trigger Conditions.

    Note: You may also want to review the Rule’s trigging Sensors in the pane below to be sure you have selected the correct sensor to trigger the Rule.

  • Select Save.

Editing the Aware State trigger of a sensor for an Advanced Notification

After choosing to trigger Rules based on the Aware State of a sensor using an Advanced Rule, follow the steps below to edit the trigger conditions under the sensor’s Settings tab.

Review the Rule’s Triggering Condition:
  • Sign into the iMonnit Online Sensors Portal.
  • Select the Rules tab in the main navigation menu.
  • Select the name of the Rule you wish to review.
  • Select the Conditions tab (two arrows pointing to the right).

    An Advanced Notification will have text explaining how it is triggered in correlation to a sensor’s Aware State.

  • Confirm you have selected the desired sensor as a Trigger Sensor.
Review the Sensor’s Aware State configuration:
  • Select Sensors in the main navigation menu.
  • Select the sensor for which you wish to edit the Aware State Configuration.
  • Select the Settings tab.
  • Edit the Aware State threshold/configuration.
  • Select Save (the setting will be applied upon the sensor’s subsequent Heartbeat).

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