"Not Authorized to Transfer" in iMonnit

When adding a device to an account in iMonnit, you may see the error, “Sensor ID: xxxxxx not authorized to transfer”. This response indicates the device has already been added to another account in the iMonnit Portal. If you try to add the device to another network, you will see this message as a security feature preventing the device from being added to another account.

Things to check

  • Confirm the ID and Security Code you are entering matches the device’s label
  • Confirm you have not already added the device to another network
  • If you have any other iMonnit Online accounts, check to see if you have added the device to the other account

If the device was added to another account, an administrator will need to log into that account and remove it. After doing so, it can subsequently be added to a new account. It is worth noting that although Monnit can provide the name of the account to which a device was previously added, other identifying information is kept confidential. Monnit observes privacy and security protections and does not provide information without security authorization.

If you recently purchased the device from a third party

It is possible that you purchased a Monnit device from a previous user, and the device was not removed from this person’s account. In order to resolve this, you will need to contact an Administrator on that account to have the device removed.

Monnit holding accounts

On a rare occasion, a device may have previously been added to a Monnit holding account (for example if the device was submitted for a repair). If this is the case, Monnit Support can assist in removing the device from the holding account. You can email support@monnit.com to have this addressed.

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