Determine Why You Didn’t Receive a Notification

If you didn’t receive an alert and are unsure why this, article provides you with the resources to determine the reason. Consider the article a checklist with resources to examine possible reasons why a Notification didn’t appear in iMonnit and why an alert wasn’t sent to your phone.

Network and User Configurations

  • Are Notifications or Alerts enabled for the Sensor Network?

Enabling and Disabling Alerts for an Entire Sensor Network

  • Are the User’s Notification Details configured to allow Notifications?

Editing a User’s Notification Details

  • Has the User opted out of Notifications?

If the User has opted out, the status in the Rules History will show a message indicating this. If yes, please contact with the associated email address to request notifications be enabled.

Rules Configurations

  • Are Rules paused for the specific sensor or paused at the time of the trigger event?

Pausing Sensor Rules in iMonnit

  • Was the Rule Active/Enabled at the time of the event?

Deactivating Rule Alerts

  • Was the Rule armed at the time of the triggering event?

Disarming and Rearming Rules

  • Is there a sensor assigned to the trigger Condition of the Rule?

Rules - Adding Devices to Trigger a Rule in iMonnit Online

Confirm that the sensor you expected to report the reading and trigger a notification is configured to do it.

  • Is the threshold of the trigger Condition configured for the correct value and scale?

Rules - Adjusting the Trigger Condition Threshold

  • Is the trigger Condition configured with the correct datum?

When configuring a triggering Condition of a sensor that reports multiple datum types (such as a Humidity Sensor), Rules can be triggered by various these various datum types. If the correct datum is not selected, you will trigger the Rule based on a different value than expected.

  • Have you correctly configured the trigger threshold for the Rule type (Sensor Reading vs. Advanced Rule)?

Rules - Adjusting the Trigger Condition Threshold

A Sensor Reading can trigger a Rule, or the sensor’s Aware State can trigger it.

  • Have you configured a recipient?

Rules - Configuring a User as a Recipient of Rules in iMonnit Online

  • Is there a configured delay?

Notification (alert) Delay Function

If so, confirm the triggering condition persisted for the delayed time.

  • Is there a schedule configured for the Rule?

If a Rule Continues to Send Notifications Outside of a Configured Schedule

If using the Before and After schedule, be sure it is correctly configured.

Understanding “Before and After” in Rules and Sensor Schedules

  • Are there System Actions configured which affected the notification behavior?

Rules - Understanding System Actions

Event-specific considerations

  • Do you see the Alert Sent column show True for the specific reading if you export the sensor data?
    See this article for Humidity sensors with firmware prior to 17.x.x.x.
  • For Sensor Reading Rules, has the sensor been triggering for more than 24 hours?
  • For Advanced Rules (Rules based on Aware State), has the sensor been in its Aware State for more than 48 hours?

If a Sensor in its Aware State for More than 48 Hours Does Not Trigger an Advanced Rule

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