Removing Devices from a Network in iMonnit

How to remove devices from a Network in your iMonnit account

You can remove devices from a network in iMonnit Online. The devices can subsequently be added to a different network if so desired. It is worth considering that you will want to reform the network of any gateway on the associated network from which a sensor is removed.

Summary of Steps

Note: you will need Administrator privileges to remove devices from a network.

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Click the Networks tab toward the bottom left-hand portion of the page in the primary menu.
  3. Select the network to which the sensor has already been added.
  4. Click the ellipses (three dots).
  5. Click Delete.

Reform the gateway

Be sure to reform the gateway which is on any network from which a sensor was removed. This is because reforming the gateway will clear the current sensor list and (re)download only the sensor ID’s on the network. For more information, see the following article: Reform Gateway Network.

Sensor Start Date

Removing a sensor from a network will reset its Sensor Start Date. This means that the readings that were previously viewable under the sensor’s history will be cleared, and will reset to start on the date on which the sensor is added to the new network.

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