If You See the Report Result, "Not Processed"

Sensor Network is too large (greater than 30 sensors)

The Network: Data Export (daily/weekly/monthly/ 30 sensor limit) has a hard sensor limit of 30 sensors. If there are more than 30 sensors on the network, the report simply will not run. In order for this report to run, you will need to arrange your network to have 30 or less sensors.

Attachment too large to be sent through email

When selecting the option to send a Report as an attachment, the CSV generated by the Report is attached to an email and sent to the configured recipients. In some scenarios, the size of the file is too large to be processed by the recipient email or by Monnit’s SMTP server (sending email address).

When this occurs, the Report Result column in the Report’s History will show “Not Processed” because the Report cannot be sent through email. The CSV file generated by the Report will need to be configured to allow a download directly from the iMonnit Online Portal as per the steps below.

Steps for disabling the “Send Report as Attachment” feature

  • Log into the iMonnit Online Portal.
  • Select the Reports tab in the navigation menu.
  • Locate the Report that was not processed and click the card of that Report.
  • Select the Edit tab in the sub-navigation menu at the top (pencil icon).
  • In the Edit Report pane, uncheck the “Send Report as Attachment” checkbox.

The Report will execute and run as a downloadable CSV file. Users configured as recipients of the Report will receive an email indicating the Report has run once it executes. The Report can then be downloaded from the link in the email or the Report History tab.

How this affects Scheduled Reports

For Reports configured with a Report Schedule of “Once,” you can simply enable the Report to run again by selecting the small dot next to the report’s name to enable it (highlighted green). A Report scheduled for “Once” will run within 60 minutes after it has been enabled.

A Report that has a schedule of daily, weekly, or monthly will run again on schedule. This means that a Report that was scheduled to run and was unable to deliver will not be rerun. It will run again on its schedule and include data for the scheduled period, but a previous report cannot be rerun. This means you may need to manually export data for the associated devices manually.

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