Restrict or Enable Viewable Networks for a User in iMonnit

iMonnit allows the ability to restrict or enable a user from viewing specific sensor networks on your account. By default, a Standard User is not provided permission to view Networks on an account.

This article provides the steps to designate which sensor networks you allow a user to view.

Summary of steps

  • Log into your iMonnit Online account from an Administrator user
  • Click the Users tab in the primary menu
  • Click the user for which you want to restrict network access
  • Click the Permissions tab (lock icon)
  • Click the Networks tab
  • Check/Uncheck the “Can See Network” checkbox for the networks you do not want viewable from the user’s account

  • Click the Save button

End result

After checking/unchecking a Network in the Networks permissions list, permission to see the gateways and sensors on that Network will be granted/removed.

It is worth noting that other permissions (such as Actions) have account-wide permissions. However, this configuration will prevent the user from viewing the unselected networks on the account.

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