How to Use the Edit Tab

After the Rule Creation process when Rule behavior is established, you can edit existing Rule behaviors under the Edit tab.

iMonnit - Rules Options
iMonnit - Rules Options
Accessing the Edit tab of a Rule

To make changes to the Edit tab of an existing rule:

  • Log into the iMonnit Online Portal with a User that has adequate permissions for modifying Rules.
  • Select Rules in the main navigation menu.
  • Select the card of the Rule you wish to modify.
  • Select the Edit tab of the Rule.

    iMonnit - Rules - Edit
    iMonnit - Rules - Edit


The name is the title of the Rule in iMonnit. Naming the rule in some sort of naming convention that identifies the device or type of event can be useful when reviewing/filtering many Rules that have been created.

2. Snooze Settings

These configurations are for customizing the Rule Snooze and Trigger Snooze features of your notifications.

3. Acknowledgement Mode

Disarming (Acknowledging) your Rule causes it to disarm and so stop sending repeat notifications on the Snooze timer. If you desire to modify the repeat alerting behavior of a triggering Rule after the Condition returns to normal, you can toggle the Auto Acknowledge feature in the Rule’s Edit tab by toggling the Acknowledgement Mode setting to Auto (default) or Manually.

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