How to Generate a Sensor Calibration Certificate


Creating a sensor calibration certificate will mask the calibration tab from those who should not have permission to adjust these settings. Permissions for self-certifying a calibration certificate must be enabled in user permissions. Because of this, this process is composed of two main parts, enabling permissions and creating the certificates.

Part 1 - Enabling Permissions

  1. Verify that you have permission to create a certification before launching into the process.
  • Open iMonnit.
  • Select “Users”, located on the left of the screen at the navigation bar.

  • Locate your account on the list.

NOTE: If you have a basic account, your name as the primary account holder will be the only one on the list. The availability of multiple users registered to one account is a feature only available on iMonnit Premiere.

  • Once in your account page, choose the User Permissions tab.
  1. Select Permissions
  2. By default, Administration is selected.
  3. Verify that the checkbox for “Can Create Calibration Certificate” is checked. If the box is empty, check it and be sure to select the “Save” button before moving on.

Part 2 - Creating Certificates

  • Find “Sensors” in the main navigation menu.

  • Select a sensor from the list.

Note: Only sensors that can be calibrated are available for creating a certificate. For example, a temperature sensor. You will know whether a sensor can be calibrated by the presence of a calibration tab.

  • Choose the Calibrate Tab in the bar.

    Directly below the calibrate button is the selection to “Create Calibration Certificate.”

  1. Selecting “Create Calibration Certificate” will open the form to create your certificate.
  • The date for “Certificate Valid Until” must be set one day in the future after the date contained in the “Date Certified” field.
  • “Calibration Number” and “Calibration Type” are unique values to your certificate.
  • Your Heartbeat interval and you Aware State Heartbeat will change according to the “Heartbeat Interval Reset” .
  1. Select Save the “Save” button before moving on.

When the new certificate is accepted, the Calibration tab will change to a Certificate tab.

NOTE: You will still be able to edit the certificate by choosing the Certificate Tab and navigating down to “Edit Calibration Certificate.” The tab will revert back to “Calibrate” after the period for the certificate ends.


Creating Sensor Calibration Certificates can be very useful in order to create a more secure and organized environment. If you have related questions, feel free to contact

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