How to Synchronize Sensor Heartbeats

In small sensor networks, the sensors can be set to synchronize their communications. The default setting allows the sensors to randomize their communications, maximizing communication robustness.

Setting this will synchronize the sensors' communication every day at 12:00 A.M. UTC.

Example: Enabling synchronization for all sensors on a network means they will all try to communicate within 5 seconds of each other. They will be resynchronized each day at midnight UTC.

Synchronize requires the Assessment configuration to be set to 1. If you have more than 1 Assessment per Heartbeat, the Synchronize feature will not work.

Turning Synchronize On/Off

Notice: It is recommended to limit this to gateways with 10 or fewer sensors.

  • Log into iMonnit Online.
  • Select “Sensors” from the main navigation menu.
  • Select “Settings” (Gear Icon) on the sub-navigation bar on the top of the page.
  • Use the Synchronize Toggle to turn the feature On or Off.
  • Select “Save” on the bottom right of the section.
Sensor Settings - Synchronize

Important considerations

  • This feature is not recommended on sensors connected to gateways with more than 10 sensors.
  • Potential drawbacks include interference, where different devices on the network will intermittently go offline.
  • Enabling the feature for sensors with firmware prior to 25.x.x.x or mission-critical sensors is not recommended. A user may encounter various performance issues, such as sensors that lose connection and do not reconnect battery drain and intermittent connection.
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