Repeating Encryption Configuraiton Messages

The most common cause for this repeating Gateway Management message is a low CR2032 clock battery.

Some 2G or 3G gateways have a 3.6 V CR2032 coin-cell battery on the underside of the gateway’s main board, allowing the gateway to keep an accurate time clock and connection to the cellular tower. But if your gateway requires this battery and the battery needs to be replaced, the gateway cannot start a session with the cellular tower. You will find the steps for troubleshooting in this article.

  1. Open the gateway’s casing (remove the four screws at each corner on the underside of the gateway).
  2. Check if a coin-cell battery cage is on the underside of the main board. If you see a coin-cell battery cage, remove the battery with a paperclip or similar object, pushing the battery out of the cage.
  3. Replace the battery with a confirmed good 3.6 V CR2032 battery.
  4. Complete a full gateway reset by following these steps.
  5. If needed, (re)provision the gateway, do so using these steps.

If the issue persists, try removing the CR2032 battery from the gateway and testing again. If needed, please contact with the Gateway ID.

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