Adding a Carrier to the External Provider SMS Carrier List

Among many features iMonnit Enterprise offers the ability adding custom SMS providers so notifications can go to many carriers not listed by default on the Notifications page.

Note: See the SQL script at the end of this article for a script that will perform these steps in SSMS.

Step 1. Log-in as Administrator into your SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).
Step 2. Find the dbo.SMSCarrier table.
Step 3. Add Carrier information according to the corresponding fields on the table.
  • SMSCarrierName

    You can name the Carrier whatever you prefer. This is how the carrier will be displayed in the drop-down menu when the User is prompted to select an SMS carrier under the User’s Notification Details.

  • SMSFormatString

    All carrier e-mails added should follow the {0} format. If the domain of the carrier’s Email to SMS Gateway is unknown, you will want to contact the carrier to determine if Email to SMS is supported and to retrieve the address format.

  • Rank

    Set this to 1.

  • ExpectedPhoneDigits

    All of the pre-configured carriers have it set to 10, but you can set it to any number as long as that’s the correct amount according to the carrier.

  • AuthenticationTemplateBody

    If required enter here, otherwise leave it NULL.

  • AccountThemeID

    Leave it NULL.

    Enterprise - Add External Provider
    Enterprise - Add External Provider
Step 4. Write changes to the database.
Step 5. Stop Enterprise Wireless Gateway Server service.
Step 6. Stop Enteprise Portal Site.
Step 7. Start the Enterprise Wireless Gateway Server Service and Enterprise Site in IIS.
Step 8. Edit a User’s Notification Details, add their SMS as a recipient of a notification, and test.

INSERT INTO SMSCarrier(SMSCarrierName, SMSFormatString, Rank, ExpectedPhoneDigits)
Values ('NewCarrier', '{0}', 1, 10);
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