Error - Only EnterpriseBasic sensors allowed for this installation

If you see the error indicating “Only EnterpriseBasic sensors allowed for this installation.” displayed when attempting to add sensors, there are two possible causes. This may affect version 4.x.x.x Enterprise installations.

Maximum number of sensors added to the database for your license

The most common cause is when you have exceeded the number sensors added to your database for the limit allowed by your Enterprise license. For example, if you have a 250 sensor Enterprise license but have added 251 sensors, you will see this error. There will also be some additional symptoms listed below.

Error - Only EnterpriseBasic sensors allowed for this installation.
Error - Only EnterpriseBasic sensors allowed for this installation.
  • All gateways/sensors will stop communicating with your Enterprise Portal.
  • You will get a failure when going through the installer when testing the Enterprise Wireless Gateway Server service (though the service will continue to run).
  • When using the Communication Check Utility, you may get a failure when testing on port 3000, but may get a success when testing on port 80.
Resolving the sensor count issue

There are two potential resolutions to this issue:

  • Upgrade your Enterprise license to a license with a higher sensor count.
  • Remove sensors from the database to bring the sensor count below the sensor limit.

Note: there is no feature which can do this through the Enterprise Portal. This must be done manually through the SQL database. There are relationships between the dbo.sensor table and other tables, so removing the sensors is not a simple task. You may want to consult a DBA prior to executing these operations.

Using an Enterprise Trial

When you are operating with an Enterprise Trial license, only basic sensor types (as listed below) are supported for testing. If you attempt to add another sensor type, you may see this message. To resolve this, you would need to upgrade the license to a full Enterprise license.

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